What are some bad things about paper?

@mark98 (570)
February 22, 2011 9:17pm CST
I have to give a speech about the bad things about paper, and how the world should become less paper dependant with alternatives to paper. I am looking for links and such that can show statistics and stuff about things such as how much water is wasted making paper, how much paper is wasted, trees cut down to make paper, and stuff like that. I haven't really been able to find anything against paper, just articles defending it.
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• Canada
25 Feb 11
Some information on how many trees are used to make various kinds of paper: http://www.conservatree.org/learn/EnviroIssues/TreeStats.shtml This one has an interesting section on alternatives to cutting down trees: http://ecology.com/features/paperchase/ According to this source, 10 liters of water to produce one sheet of paper: http://www.collegemogul.com/content/hydrolosophy-harvard-startup-measures-product-water-footprint Some paper-related statistics, including environmental benefits of recycled paper: http://www.environmentalpaper.org/PAPER-statistics.html Hope something in these might be of use to you. Good luck with your speech
@larrychen (165)
23 Feb 11
paper really has brought us lots of convenience about writting and reading, etc. but the producing of paper also brings great pollution to our planet. support you. but not any links . good luck