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February 22, 2011 11:35pm CST
everytime i hear people say: "what a small world" i keep on wondering "why" if the world is small, why do most of us haven't found what we're looking for?
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• China
23 Feb 11
Haha~what a lovely question!Because we all think the world is big and wide,we cann't find what we wana easily and we work hard and wait for a long time.One day ,some lucky things suddenly happen without our endeavor.Surprise!~hehe,We yell,"What a small world!~"(*^__^*)
• Philippines
23 Feb 11
thanks! glad you like it! you're right..maybe that's the reason why coz sometimes along the way, we will meet someone or something special will happen so that's the time we say, what a small world after all! ;)