is money necessary in today's world?

February 23, 2011 11:25am CST
do you think is money necessary in today's electronic world or should we move to plastic cards or some kind of electric plastic cash?what do you feel?
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• Mexico
23 Feb 11
Money is not the material in which it is printed. Money is just a way of exchanging... it is structuring the economy so that it turns around a central object that can be exchanged with nominal value, like beautiful stones or gold. The thing is, you want to have something that you can exchange for anything to be able to allow people to exchange more freely but at the same time, you want something that is relatively small and easy to carry. In that sense, electronic money, which is a reality and exists already, is somewhat "the future" of it. The problem is with security, although counterfeit money has been around for ages, so I do not know if it will actually be safer or more dangerous to do it that way.
@rosekiss (30268)
• Eugene, Oregon
23 Feb 11
I do believe that money is very necessary, as we can't buy things without it. Now, when it comes to real cash, I put it in my bank, and use my debit card in place of the cash, but I still need the cash to do that. The thing of it is, things are so much more expensive than they used to be, so it tkaes more of it to buy anything nowadays. Money just doesn't seem to go as far as it used to, that is for sure. i know I couldn't live without getting money, as I have enough bills to pay, and I sure can't buy anything on my looks. I just hope that things get better, but the way the economy is, it is highly unlikely it will. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.
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@echomonster (2227)
• Greenwood, Mississippi
23 Feb 11
I think it's still necessary for now as many people still use cash and coins. Over time, though, it seems probable that physical money is going to be used less and less. I enjoy the convenience of electronic methods of payment also, but at the same time it kind of scares me to think that physical money might become obsolete...what if there are massive electrical and network outages, for instance? Physical money still "works" in such situations!
@Rtlsnk316 (1197)
• Mexico
23 Feb 11
Money will continue to be necessary I guess until a greater part of the world is set up to do electronic business, until small businesses are capable of handling no more cash. It sounds very futuristic but it can happen, most probably I won't be here anymore to see it but I guess society is getting there. Far way to go anyways.
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@dodo19 (33043)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
25 Feb 11
I do think that paper money and coins will most likely still be used. I think that that it will continue to be used. I doubt that we'll stop using them anytime soon. I might be wrong, but who knows.
• Pamplona, Spain
25 Feb 11
Hiya nathie, Don´t think that we will be able to do without Money as it is now for a long while. I for one prefer money in notes and coins it´s something to look at and appreciate and you can put it away where you want to put it too. Plastic Cards are so cold and have no feelings just a load of numbers and markings. Yes they will be in our future dominating the scene but for now I prefer the Money as it is. When I was small I had a Toy Cash Register and I used to love playing with the Toy Money just for fun and nothing else. Plastic Cards for me no thanks only plastic Cards to get real Money out of the Bank I like the last idea the best.
@sajeevking (5080)
• Mumbai, India
24 Feb 11
Well its very important as without it we can buy anything and if we don't buy any thing then how could we eat ,get clothes,take care of family well basically without it we can't do anything if you mean paper money then yes we should start using credit card from now on and every person in the planet should have one there should be no paper money every thing we get buy sell should be done online this would help us to save some paper which are use for making money