What Is the Big Discussion?

@mythociate (15579)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
February 24, 2011 5:32pm CST
All of these discussions are merely smaller parts of a bigger discussion. I think it's a question/answer-session between us and the universe. We collectively asked 'Why are we here?' and the universe has been letting the answer unfold since the beginning of time. (Maybe I'm thinking of existence as beginning on The Other Side---a spiritual-realm described exquisitely by prophetess Sylvia Browne. Or beginning somewhere on The Far Side---a realm we've seen images of through the drawn-representations by Gary Lawson ... (Where all of us have always existed, since before time began---probably as rebellious facets of the original spirit's personality ... wondering aloud what it could've been thinking to create such an expansive, cramped, beautiful, ugly, simple, complex manifestation of ever-existing never-existence.) What do you think; agree that that's the basis of all conversation, or have you another idea?
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25 Feb 11
Yes, they are snippets of the ones from years ago. I have been searching the tool bar for old discussions and it seems that a great many common ones are similar to the ones from years ago. If you look at them back to back a great many of them are really similar.
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@mythociate (15579)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2 Mar 11
The discussion runs along a circular track then? Cycling through the same parts again-and-again?