do you believe evil or demons exist?

February 27, 2011 6:17am CST
some people say that demons or evil doesn't exist anymore today because what happened to the world is because of the consequences that the people did. like, calamities happened because of the abuses of the people to nature. killing happened because of fighting with their principles. robbery happened becuase of poverty. for you what do you think?
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@anneshirley (1517)
• Philippines
1 Mar 11
I believe everything that is written in the Bible are words of God and not only once does the Bible speak about evils and demons so I believe them. But as for ghost and some stuff, I don't. I think they are purely made of man's imagination.
1 Mar 11
ghost and other stuff maybe another form of evil.
@drannhh (15229)
• United States
1 Mar 11
Syoti20 told me you are new to myLot, so welcome! I do believe that elementals probably exist on other planes than our own, but I do not believe that "evil" has any reality in our lives because in my religion God is All and All is Good. I believe in cause and effect in the universe, but not in the kind of retribution that you are touching upon. There are many poor people who do not steal. There are many rich people who DO steal. I just think that evil is a form of ignorance and that in the long run, what comes around will go around.
1 Mar 11
thanks for welcoming me. everyone of us has different view points in terms of evil according to our belief. however, evil do exists. if we try to see in our selves. why do we commit sin. it is because we allow ourselves to be tempted by the devil. if there were no evils allow of all should be angels right now.
@cheneper (133)
• Thailand
27 Feb 11
based on what i have believed, There are evil spirits roaming in this world until now. They are the fallen angels, and they will become extinct only when God sets this world on fire.
28 Feb 11
you are right cheneper. they are just roaming around waiting to devour and to tempt others to do bad things.
@syoti20 (5295)
• Philippines
1 Mar 11
I might agree with you. But form of evil or demon shows to the action of people. I hope 2012 is not the end of the world as many mylot member is saying.