Religion is a way for the vulnerable to become unvulnerable.

United States
March 1, 2011 11:00am CST
This is something that has bothered me for many, many years. Why is it that churches and other religions always bring in the most vulnerable, loss, and helpless people into their religions and leave them once they've sucked them dry of their money, their hard work, or simply their love? What I'm referring to is cults, Scientology, and even priests molesting children. All these things use religion as their topic of interest and nothing good ever comes out of any of it. If you are weak-willed, or vulnerable, or experienced any type of psychological hardship or trauma, there will always be a religion out there to take you in. Jesus will heal you. The aliens of Scientology will save you. Allah will give you all the virgins you ever want. Sounds great, right? Until you get to the 'IF' part. IF you join the church, Jesus will heal you. If you donate thousands and thousands of dollars, the Aliens will save you when the apocolypse comes. If you blow up a plane, Allah will give you all the virgins you want. That sounds preposterous to me and I truly mean that. If people believe in things like that, what is to stop me from believing that there is a planet called Cybertron where robots have been waging war for millions of years and they will come to Earth to save us from other outer space threats. The Autobots will save us...IF we put our undying faith in them. Wouldn't that be something?
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@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
3 Mar 11
Interesting. It seems true religion will not ask for anything of this world ... It seems true religion asks only what is not measurable ... such as being an instrument of kindness, an instrument of giving what is unmeasurable and an instrument of forgiveness ... What do you think ?