What social situations tend to make you most flustered and nervous ? Why ?

March 3, 2011 11:34pm CST
Well... I don't enjoy too much gathering at some colony programs which turn out to be very different things which people plan to present. I really don't like to attent any colony programs like some musical evening where people have two standerd towards female community and they gather for differents reason.. I really hate all this...and I think this is the most flustered and nervous thing for me if I think of all socal situations where I get to participate ... Thanks...
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
7 Mar 11
Since I did some public speaking when I was a younger woman, I find that I am comfortable with most social situations. However, there are some times that I am caught blushing just because of the context of the conversation at hand. For example, I am pretty open sexually, but it is still something that is pretty embarrassing for me when it comes up in conversation, especially when it is conversation with people that I don't really know.
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@globaldoc (860)
• Philippines
6 Mar 11
I haven't had any. It is because i do not go to these events at all.
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• Kolkata, India
7 Jul 14
Since you belong from India you'd know what I'm going to relate and I've been facing this since I was little. We have huge family gatherings at various occassions and often meet people (relatives) who are distant and we hardly meet them and then suddenly one of the lot says "She sings so well....sing a song and let them hear". That is what I find utterly discomforting where I have to be the centre of focus and people all around me stare at me blankly. And I get blank just by feeling the eyes on me. That is one thing I find totally uncanny and irritating.
• Canada
9 Mar 11
No actual situations, rather atmospheres. I have really sensitive hearing, so I am not myself when I am in crowded rooms full of loud music.