Most underrated soccer player/s?

@kindas (44)
March 4, 2011 8:37am CST
There are many underrated soccer players, even playing right now.I'm sure i could post at list 100 of them, but i would like to know who your most underrated player is (not necesaarily active, but if possible post both actives and 'legends') For me the underrated players are Donadel, Scholes , Deisler , Arteta , Schwarzenbeck, joaquin... Now i;m sure that most of these are players you don't even know about, but some players are still popular in the list. Who are your favorites? I;m sure that i have missed a lot good ones.
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@ram_cv (16516)
• India
7 Mar 11
One of my favorite under rated players was Makelele. He used to play in the middle of the Real midfield as a defensive midfielder. Ahead of him was the headlines grabber in Zizou, Figo and Ronaldo. But he was the guy who used to win the balls and launch the attacks to these gifted players. Real won everything with him around, once he left, they have struggled and are still continuing to struggle. Cheers! Ram
@rappeter13 (5298)
• Romania
6 Mar 11
Usually, defensive midfielders are not appreciated at their value. But in my opinion, they work the most during a game, because they have to make the dirty work and also provide good passes to their colleagues. I know all of the players you mentioned, but I have to say Deisler was a highly regarded player, but he was unfortunate because of his injuries which forced him to end his career very early. If he wouldn't have had this long injuries he would have become an international star. But many players are not so highly regarded, because they are not good looking guys, they don't make commercials and they don't put up great "circus skills" on the field. But I like players like Gattuso, Scholes, Effenberg, Mascherano, van Bommel a lot, because they stop many attacks of the opponents and they also can give a push to their teams.
• China
5 Mar 11
some would be nominated in my list. pires--the one who could level up his team in his unique undetected way,in his case it benefited arsenal and france a a soccer player he was gifted well than most of others actually lucio--even if he's been already regarded as one of the best cb s ,i think based on his real ability and his spirit of winning match we can remove that'one of' eto'o and pique--when these two worked together in barca they showed a-list skill and nowadays they even crank a notch up.