Sending links to other members in mylot

March 5, 2011 1:59am CST
One of my friend in mylot has sent me a message today, it contains a referral link of some other site to join in it. He has not responded any discussion in mylot at all, but has nearly 200 friends in mylot. Is this the way to catch referrals by sending messages to all in mylot, has anyone received like these messages and what do you feel about it?
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• Canada
5 Mar 11
It isn't against the guidelines at myLot to send referral URLs by private messages to friends -- but I personally don't appreciate receiving them if I didn't agree to it first. There are definitely people that do what you have just described -- they friend as many people as will accept them for the soul purpose of sending referral links. If I receive unsolicited referral links, I delete the messages. If it happens just once, I ignore it. If the same person spams me, I delete them from my friends list. I also look carefully at the profiles of people that request friendship and I'm admittedly very skeptical of someone that has zero participation but a high number of friends. I'll usually leave those requests pending awhile to see what they do. I respect my myLot friends and the time they have to spend on their online pursuits. I appreciate the same in return
• India
6 Mar 11
Hi, like you hereafter i will also check their profile and then accept their friend request....
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