Which places in your local area would you show a visitor from another country?

@Porcospino (15806)
March 8, 2011 9:46am CST
If I had a visitor from another country I would take him or her to some of the old streets in the middle of my town. Some of the houses are from around 1700 and the streets are very narrow. Those streets are my favourite part of the town, but I also like the area around the old mill. The mill is from 1820 and it has recently been renovated. I would also like to show my visitor other parts of the island like some of the castles and a big park full of sculptures. My favourite museum tells the story of the servants in the past, if my visitor is interested in history I would show him/her that place. If my visitor is interested in art I would show him/her the art towers and some of the galleries around the island. If you had a visitor from another country and he or she asked you to show them your favourite places in your local area, where would you take him/her? And why?