Does anyone's dog get angry/sad when you leave for work?

March 15, 2011 9:17am CST
Sassy - our dear Sassy
I'm staying with my cousin for while and she has dog is a very cute pug. We call her Sassy and I love her so much, she had been so close to me. Everytime I leave for work, she seems to know when I am getting ready to leave for the day. She will just sit on my feet and look up at me while I am putting make-up on, and when I start to do my hair she knows it's getting closer to the time I leave and she will start howling at me and walks in circles around me then bolts off and brings me every single strikin toy that she has, and just was her little pug tail waiting for me to play with her, it makes me feel SO BAD! She'll just look up at me and tilt her head and whimper when I open the door to go out and try to follow me. Sometimes she will bolt down the stairs and try to go with me and then I have to put her back in the house and awwww why is it so hard?