2012 will it be the end????

March 15, 2011 1:45pm CST
lots of people belive in the 2012 disaster which will kill all life have your say and what you belive???
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@kanchan10 (3414)
• Kolkata, India
29 Mar 11
people have spoken about the end of the world several times in the past.so don't worry about that.there must be some vested interest in them.these are all bogus.
• Philippines
23 Mar 11
Well no one knows if 2012 is the end for us. No one can really predict these things now and no one can predict it a cople of hundred years ago. We just have to live our daily lives as well as we see fit if the end comes then let it.
@salonga (27955)
• Philippines
23 Mar 11
I believe nobody could really tell when is the end. I believe though that there is the way to survive the end. I don't have much time to detail here but I found the exact way to survive in this link which I wanna share with you http://relijournal.com/christianity/how-to-survive-the-end-of-the-world/ Have a nice day!
@paoxav (1382)
• Philippines
15 Mar 11
2012 is just a pure hoax. Don't believe on it. If it's true then the entire nation will prepare for it and warn the human race, but they don't so dont be afraid.. We're all safe and alive after the year 2012..
@Rtlsnk316 (1197)
• Mexico
15 Mar 11
Of course not, people do like to speculate a lot and for many years there has been a lot of fanaticism regarding beliefs, religion, supposed prophets among others. The world will end whenever that ma happen it will just happen, I really don't think we need anybody creating fear and terror, the world population needs more positive thinking than anything else.