A good vampire movie

United States
March 15, 2011 8:16pm CST
I love horror movies, i have a pretty good collection. i especially love Vampire movies and lately i havent been able to come across any good vampire movies. does anyone have any sugestions on some good ones to watch.
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• India
17 Mar 11
I think twilight and Underworld series are good vampire movies. But in comparison twilight is romantic and Underworld is action movie.
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@psyches (59)
• United States
16 Mar 11
Daybreakers, Near Dark, The Hunger.
• United States
16 Mar 11
Thanks haven't seen the last two the first one was okay could have been better in my view.
• United States
20 Mar 11
I agree that Daybreakers didn;t quite live up to it's potential. but I think it was still worth watching and a bit different from the usual.
@ktmatunog (914)
• Philippines
16 Mar 11
I am not really a fan of Vampire movies.... but I watch Vampire Diaries. A TV series, but it is more than a romantic action movie than a horror movie. It entertains me and I am up to date with this one. Though I haven't seen other vampire movies like True Blood All I have seen is: Twilight, Underworld, Van Helsing, Blade Trinity, Blade I & II. Have you seen these movies? Most of them are good.. But with different stories that some alter some vampire features/powers: like in Twilight - vampires can't walk under the sun while in Vampire Diaries, they can walk under the sun as long they have this ring. etc. etc.
• United States
16 Mar 11
Yes i have seen all those movies even have them in my collection and i am fan of True Blood havent seen Vampire Diaries yet but will put it on my to watch list. if you dont mind what season are they in.
@rafiholmes (2897)
• Malaysia
19 Mar 11
oo im not sure about the newer once..30days of night..u seen that? all time favourites are ofcourse..probably u have seen or owned the dvds ..salems lot interview with the vampire. Fright night bram stokers.
@hvedra (1623)
16 Mar 11
Not a movie but there is a recent British TV series called "Being Human" about a vampire, werewolf and ghost sharing a house. That sounds kind of mundane but it is a really good series. Also, there was an old British TV series called Ultra Violet (nothing to do with the film of the same name) about secret agents trying to hunt down vampires and stop them taking over, that was really good and probably ahead of it's time as there was only one series.
• Netherlands
16 Mar 11
Hi, i'm also a great fan of vampire movies. You should check out: - Underworld - Underworld Evolution - Underworld:Rise Of The Lycans - Blade - Blade II - Blade Trinity - Van Helsing - Dracula - Blood And Chocolate - Lät denn Rätte komma inn - Vampire Diaries - Suck - Lesbian Vampire Killers - Daybreakers Hmm.. that's all I come up with now.. will post some other vampire movies when I come up with them.. and ofcourse will look on here to find myself some new vamp movies.