March 16, 2011 3:29am CST
hello to all here on mylot.i am a new member here so that i want to have some advise of how or what is some idea here ..can you give me some advise !?
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• United States
17 Mar 11
Hi Scorpio and a warm welcome to you to myLot! I see many have offered great advise, I just wanted to add to please make sure you comment back to your responders in your discussions. Not doing so you are loosing efforts. Key that works here is that you earn for what you type and I earn for what I type. Make sure it is not one-liners and of quality. Engage in others discussions and you will find yourself with many responding to yours. Best of luck and enjoy the Lot!
@mtrguanlao (5527)
• Philippines
16 Mar 11
Hello scorpio! Welcome here! Am sure you'll enjoy it here! First and foremost,please read the discussion guidelines of mylot. You will earn here from your participation so the more you participate in discussions,the more you earn. I suggest you add friends so it will be more enjoyable for you to reply to discussions. You can start your own discussion just like what you did now and reply to your respondents here,it is important that you reply to them,that makes it a discussion. You can do some available tasks here to add on your earnings. Use the search engine bar for searching,you can recieve rewards from it. Happy mylotting!
@owlwings (39887)
• Cambridge, England
16 Mar 11
Welcome to MyLot. MyLot is a DISCUSSION site and rewards good quality participation in discussions. To begin with, read the Guidelines: and the FAQs, especially the 'Earnings' section: where you will find a lot of useful tips and the answers to many questions that newcomers ask. I always feel that the best way for a newcomer to start is to choose good discussions which you can respond to descriptively and with quality (just a few words or a sentence will earn you hardly anything). When you come to make your own discussions, pay attention to the Guidelines and make sure that, whatever you choose to discuss, you will be able to make good quality, useful comments on the responses you receive. You ONLY earn for what YOU type - unless you comment in discussions you start, you will earn nothing more, regardless of how many responses you get, and a discussion is NOT a discussion unless you make some reply to the people who respond!