Phishing scam...

March 16, 2011 6:31pm CST
Hi Mylotters. Today i received scam email from unknown account but in sender it was from, when i open the source it was showing that this message generated with php script from And this is the message: from : subject : Your account will be terminated to : You Hello, ------ Your profile will be blocked in response to a complaint received by the administration 03/16/2011.According to provision 13.3 of Terms, Google may at any time, terminate its Services for account. You can refute the statement, by following this link: Your mail account will be suspended if this complaint has not been rejected for 2 days. Complaint ID: -------. Google Team I know this is a phishing email because this email showing that the sender was really stupid(or smart). "Your profile will be blocked in response to a complaint received by the administration", they don't even explain what is the complaint??? "Your mail account will be suspended if this complaint has not been rejected for 2 days". What the hell, is that a deadline??? Just to warn you if you receive those kind of email ignore it and never click on the link they provided, real message from google is a message coming from "" or "". All other except from this address are phishing scam. If you received email that: Ask you to verify your account Ask you to send passwords, user names, PIN numbers, or other private information through email A business site asking you to update your credit card information. Telling you have won the lottery and you don't even join them. You don't respond within x days, your account will be suspended. They're all a phishing scam, just ignore or delete it. There are a lot of phisher out there trying to steal our personal information whenever they have a chance. So, never give them a chance. How about you, have you ever got those kind of emails?
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@jazzsue58 (2672)
18 Mar 11
Not sure if gmail is the same, but with banks, Paypal etc your real name is always at the top of the message if it's legit. Guess they've got round that one by now as well. Best thing is - contact admin at the legit address and they'll tell you if you should be expecting incoming.
@bond0018 (22)
• India
17 Mar 11
Ya its very common these days.I've also recieved a lot in the past but sonce i flagged those ,mails as span now they i'm no more receiving them.
• United States
17 Mar 11
Hi genius! So many scams today, it is a wonder many of use email. Thanks for sharing because alert for all new online users is also appreciated. Also old online users also sometimes because of need can fall into the many traps!
@jimmysun (401)
• China
17 Mar 11
i have an unti-virous software in my computer, and always found several attack had been intercepted by my sofeware...and some times are phishing scam...i hate that...cuz they always steal our personal materials without track...but safely, i have my unti-virous software...
@dainy1313 (2354)
• Leon, Mexico
17 Mar 11
Thanks you so much for the advice, it´s very useful the keep it always on mind.! Blessings!... Dainy