I need basic computer knowledge

United States
March 17, 2011 11:15pm CST
I have neglected to learn many important parts to computer knowledge. What I mean is, computer processes, and components, like CPU, processing, graphics, et cetera... I mean, what exactly they do, how they affect your computer, and other important pieces. So, could somebody give me a detailed description of all this? Thank You!
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@imfr33 (98)
• Philippines
18 Mar 11
- Basically, the CPU is the computer's brain which does all the processing. CPU's speed is measured in GHz, which means the higher the value, the faster CPU is. - There's also the RAM which also helps with the processing by temporarily storing some data to prepare them for the CPU to process. RAMs have capacities like 1 gigabyte or more, and also has speeds measured in Mhz. - The Hard disk acts as your main storage, which stores all your data. Capacities nowadays are quite large, ranging from 500 gigs to 1 terrabyte (that's 1,000 gigs of hard disk space for you)! - Videocard is an expansion device which does all the the display and 3D processing. It has its own brain called the GPU and also RAM. This PC component is a must for gamers and video editors. There are also systems that have onboard display chips soldered on the motherboard and they resources with you RAM sticks.
• Galati, Romania
23 Feb 17
And also... motherboard is the vital component in every system @blahokay1, it keeps all your components in place there and if it's burned or broken up you have to buy another one. Also, if you want to build your own computer you have to know some little rules, to begin with. Rule #1: What do you want to do with your computer? If you want to just surf the internet and to do the basic job on a computer you need low price computer... this doesn't mean if you get a cheap computer is a bad computer .. doesn't exist a bad computer or an old one (is my opinion) depend on what you use it. Rule #2: What components should you buy? I strongly recommend that to take components separately. Why? Because you can upgrade a part of it when you want on a specific motherboard, that component on the motherboard can be upgraded. Let's talk about processor: That little thing costs depend on what do you want to do with your computer. For example, if you want to do basic stuff on the computer you have to buy Intel processors. Why? Because they are more reliable, more good, and more powerful than the AMD processors that's why they (Intel processors) cost more than the AMD ones. I suggest and Intel Dual Core Processor. After that, the next component is RAM, what is a RAM means? RAM mean Random Acces Memory, it's a memory that can be accessed and changed, it exists the ROM memory that can't be changed and that memory is mostly found in BIOS or UEFI, you can't change anything there. These RAM memories are used, like @imfr33 said, to store some data to prepare them for the CPU to process. This means that the processor supports some amount of memory that can be processed by it and of course for a basic computer I suggest 4GB of RAM memory. Video card is the third important component , if you don't have it, you can't see what are you doing on monitor, you have an integrated card in you motherboard (sorry because I can't show you that here, maybe if you want to know more you can contact me when you want :) ). That integrated card is quite low and is better to have a dedicated one, for basic stuff on the computer it's not cost you too much :). Hard Disks are mechanical drives who works on magnetical disks which today is mostly used to store data on it. I suggest you have at least 250GB of space on your hard disk. Also, you can get an SSD(Solid-State-Drive) This component is faster than a hard disk and you PC is loaded faster like on a blink of an eye. On a daily basic stuff on your computer, I recommend a 128GB SSD :D And I think these are the detailed information I can give you right now. If you want help, you can add me and message me when you want to give you more advice on what to do with your computer if you are interested. Rule #3: Check the compatibility of the components Yeah, here is the interesting part. If you, for example, take and motherboard with DDR3 slots and with 1151 processor socket you have to find the exact components (processor and RAM that have 1151, respectively DDR3). Basically, components to have exact specifications with the motherboard. That all :)
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
20 Mar 11
probably you can download a short free guide on the computer components and may be you cna learn better than million of words here on mylot!Pc components in reality are logical so they are not complicated surely every electronic part need a knowledge...to know how they really work..
• United Kingdom
18 Mar 11
One thing I definitely would advise you to do is to watch youtube videos on this very subject. There are plenty of videos out there and some of them are very good and detailed. Just use the search facility on youtube and look up whatever you have an interest in whether it be CPUs, graphics cards, installation of memory and so forth. As it stands, I'm an IT Technician and I love all things computer! I'm in the process of building a computer from scratch and I'm buying the individual parts that I need: the motherboard, the CPU, the ram or memory, the hard drives and optical drives, very exciting! The cpu and the motherboard are the most important components of the computer with the cpu being the brain behind everything. I think it's nice if you have certain knowledge in IT as you can then do things yourself when something goes wrong and you have to replace a part and so forth. This is one of the reasons I took a course in computer maintenance and installation a few years back. Anyway, another thing that I would suggest is that you register with some of the many IT Support forums out there, they are free and whenever you have a question you can just post a query and there will be many people willing to help with expert knowledge! One of the following forums that I use on a regular basis is: http://www.techsupportforum.com Check that out and good luck. Andrew
@obe212003 (2302)
• Philippines
18 Mar 11
well, basically it should be an initiative on your part to know more..research, find useful and informative websites, ask friends who are familiar with computers, etc. i learned from scratch essentially doing trial and error on any software or even dismantling and assembling a computer set, lol!
@azskull (90)
• Philippines
18 Mar 11
Like all other electronics gadgets computer has its parts and function.the important part is the central processing unit(cpu) it is where all the main component is located.first the processor,memory,hardisk and the motherboard..motherboar connects all of this to create the cpu to function and attached the monitor so that it can be called computer..be it desktop,laptop,palmtop..you can upgrade your hardisk,memory(Ram) and your videocard to fit what you really like about how you want your computer to look like and function the way you prefer..all of this thing is the so called computer