are paybox ,virtuapay kind of sites really giving money in our account?

March 17, 2011 11:49pm CST
i read the statements from sites like virtuapay and paybox ,it says if we add 25$ the first day,each day it willl add 20$ in our account and pays 10$ per referral,has anyone got paid from that site,how does it work,i dont think so it is genuine?
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@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
28 Mar 11
in reality they sound suspicious you should count that paybox is in the pre-lauch from months so in my opinion is a scam...
• Philippines
22 Mar 11
hi. i also signed up for this. some says its scam. i guess we'll never really know until they launch.
• Philippines
19 Mar 11
that is very too good to be true then, a lot of sites having this kind of offer but the thing is that they never pays members.
• Slovenia
18 Mar 11
oh and btw, you misunderstod their termsthere. they're completely free. $25 at start mean you get $25 credited into your balance after you register. of course this is virtual balance and then they add about $20 daily to your account. so you don't invest anything there, you just invest some of your time per day for them.
• Slovenia
18 Mar 11
Paybox and VirtaPay are one and the same site. They changed the name a few days ago, before they launch their digital delivery system which is supposed to let us begin using our balance for purchasing from stores online and later withdraw too. We don't know if they pay since as I said they're still in progress of launching all the payment system. I have about 3k in my balance now, but when they do get official I think this balance is just 'virtual' and our balance will be a lot less...maybe like $30 dollars...who knows...thing is we just have to wait a few more weeks as they say to see how the things start to unfold with this digital delivery project.
• India
18 Mar 11
I don't think a site like these which is offering this much amount to pay just by taking some money from you as investment is not genuine. You should be aware from the offer and never get caught in the scam otherwise you will just loose you money which you have collected from hard work... Thanks..