Shhould we not careful enough for our wives?

March 22, 2011 7:58pm CST
This is because I opened a discussion on our wives role on watching our food habit. I got several responses which are valuable and delicious too. Most of them have come from wives who have been maintaining their responsibilities on that subject. And hence, one question appears - we the male member of our families are responsible enough for caring our wives in the same way?
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@mythociate (15621)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
23 Mar 11
No! Not unless SHE is the provider and YOU are the wife (literally "with," inferring no gender). Because such care makes you an inhibited bread-winner, causing you to think about 'whether or not you should' do your job instead of simply following orders. Okay, maybe I'm thinking more if you're a soldier; but the principle thing remains the same. If you do a job, you should concentrate on that; trust her to take care of all the 'taking care of things.' Maybe this sounds a little bit 'caveman,' but 'ooga-booga!' (translation: ... no, no translation; "Just do as your mother says!")
@jaiho2009 (39019)
• Philippines
23 Mar 11
If you love your wife,the answer is YES,now if you don't love your wife...then,starve her so you can be free (hahaha...just kidding) of course,why did you marry her anyway if you did not love her right? Now,if you love someone,you don't wan to see that love one suffer or feel upset isn't? Then,you have to take care of that someone you loved so dearly. Caring is part of love..or else...never love anyone.
@buenavida (8095)
• Sweden
23 Mar 11
Both husband and wife should be interested in keeping their spuouse healthy. It is a way to show each other real love. None of them should neglect their health, as they want to stay with each other and support each other as much as possible during many years. Great discussion, keep up the good work..
• United States
23 Mar 11
My thinking is that steps to better health between a family should be done by both the husband and wife as well. Both should learn better ways and share with each other, this will not only improve their health but make them both more knowledgeable.