Difference between a blog and a website?

March 25, 2011 12:27pm CST
Internet has made us acquainted with two new terms; one is blog and the other is website. Is there anyone who can explain me what a blog is and how it differs from a website?
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• United States
25 Mar 11
The two seemed to be often confused by people. Many decide to make a blog instead of a website (especially for money making sites) because there are many free sites like www.blogger.com. A blog however is not the same thing as a website at all. A website features content that is updated much less than a blog, there may be a section of a website that is updated like a daily message, but typically it remains the same unchanging from day to day. A blog however is more like a new broadcast. It is used so that you can update people on a regular basis about certain things. Like someone who is taking a vacation may post on their blog how their flight was, how the beach was, update photo's, update day 3 of their Disneyland retreat, then finally upload photo's of their trip home. It is more of a news worthy thing, than a website is. However, some people may post a blog within a website. Many stores do this so that they can keep you updated with what they are doing from day to day and what changes they are making in their chosen philanthropy . There are many places to build a free website that many people just don't consider when making a blog. sites like http://www.tripod.lycos.com/ or http://www.angelfire.lycos.com/ Though making a website generally takes more working knowledge of html or css. The payoff of having a standalone website, could potentially be more rewarding if you know how to use it. Goodluck!
• India
8 Aug 12
wickedspies thanks friend you clarified in between blog and website. I also not know about it.
@indahfth (11172)
• Indonesia
28 Mar 11
web site is the name for a group of web pages (web pages) that we normally write with a prefix of the World Wide Web (WWW) on the internet and in the end with a domain name (domain name) web. The pages of the website will be accessible via a URL which is called Homepage. Blog is short for "web log" is a form of web applications that resemble the writings (published as posts) in a public web page. These writings are often published in reverse order (the latest content first and then followed the older content), although not always the case. Web site like this can usually be accessed by all Internet users according to topic and purpose of the user's blog.
@celticeagle (121089)
• Boise, Idaho
26 Mar 11
I think that a website is your own domain. You can sell, explain or whatever on this. A blog is like a diary and is on someone else's domain usually. A website you would have the co-ordinates to like typing in a www on a browser window. That would belong to you. A blog is just a diary that you can put on this domain or elsewhere.
@swirlz (3136)
• Philippines
26 Mar 11
A website is more business-like while a blog is more personal. In a blog, the writer talks about his day, his experiences, his activities, while in a website, it showcases what a certain company has to offer to its clients/customers. It may be a list of services, or a portfolio.