How to Hack the Money-Matrix - Am I a Precursor of The First 'One'?

@mythociate (15962)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
March 25, 2011 2:00pm CST
Turn the Commerce Wheel WITHOUT GETTING PAID! That may be over-simplistic, implying that it doesn't get incredibly complicated from such a simple beginning; but ... You remember in THE MATRIX when Morpheus told Neo of The First One (one born inside The Matrix who freed the first members of the resistance near the end of this century), The One whom Neo was supposed to be a reincarnation-of? Well, maybe I'll help inspire him by 'revealing' the 'Matrix' that enslaves most of us WITHIN any other 'Matrix' that exists, enslaving us by placing limits on where we can live, what we can eat, what we can wear, where we can go, what else we can do ... The Money Matrix. To hack the money-matrix, stop depending on it so much! Time, service and it's products ... all the stuff that people usually trade money for, do it without taking money! Do that more, and encourage others to do likewise; and people will need money less and will need less money. Money will lose its control over your decisions ... instead of answering friends' invitations-out with reference to your billfold, you will answer them with reference to what your Holy Spirit commands 'Invitation' will be 'payment' enough when people start following your example! Give Commerce!
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