HE gets hit on and I don't?!?

@LifeGuru (923)
March 29, 2011 3:54pm CST
Okay, my fiance and I .. we live elsewheres for the time being till I finish up college and same with him but he'll be taking me back in 8 months... WOOT! xD Anyways, I'm now kind of jealous that people HIT ON HIM and O_o NOBODY HITS ON ME. D: I use to be the one to get hit on a lot... What? Is it the ring that prevents people from hitting on me??? .__. I'm just jealous since my ego for things is just _. I don't know what I should do but just to vent on this topic... It's like.. O_O What? Where's the attention!? On his side of the country... *person hits on him* "Hey handsome *that type of stuff*" "Ugh, I'm engaged *glares* " *minutes later texts me about it* me: HA! That's gotta be embarassing for them. xD Like sure I get some guys sending me "signals" but I'd smirk it off and be all whatever I still got it... .__. But nobody has hit on me like that in a looooong while like that - I get compliments but not "eyy wanna go out?" x_x I'm kind of jealous kind of not, but when college is finished and I get to go party and stuff --- let the random people hitting on me begin! D=
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