Can babies talk to each other?

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March 30, 2011 4:48pm CST
Well this has been a subject from conversations to movies for a pretty long run. We have had to wonder and question with reason for those of us who have never witnessed this phenomenon. Still even seeing babies gab at each other can still leave us with questions. so I as what would you think it the "conversation" had gestures, that seem to help give benefit of a doubt that there is in fact some type of meaning in that gibberish. What would you say. Well watch and let me know It almost seem like hes tying to convince him not to climb the fridge? What do you think about it?
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31 Mar 11
Cute video! I find that the babies appeared to understand exactly what the other wanted to do. It leads for understanding that at a very young age the brain is fully developed. It is not until they begin to speak that somehow it gets distorted from the original innocence. From the video it is clear that they certainly do have understanding. Thanks for sharing.
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1 Apr 11
Thats the same thing I was thinking but, I still hate to say for sure. I have always struggled the idea, it seem evident here though.
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30 Mar 11
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