Inner strength... how will you be able to sustain it?

April 3, 2011 10:04am CST
I feel my chest tightens whenever I encounter tough situation. I feel depressed seeing friends say goodbye. I feel lonely when I hurt a family member or a friend of mine. I feel sorry that I am not wise enough to give answers to all our employees' needs. I feel frustrated because I cannot be with the people I love, most of the time. But I have to be tough and be strong because I want to give them better future. I want them to succeed and be happy. I need inner strength. I pray at night and I read the bible to keep me afloat. Sometimes, it is just so hard containing it to myself. It is easier for me to share my concerns with strangers. But with my friends, I cannot do that. Because they always think that I am strong. I am also human, I am a female... and I am weak. But they don't know that. They don't know how much I needed someone I can share my loads with. Thanks to God He is always there to help me. All the answers, I believe will be given in due time. Just need to be more patient. How about you? Have you felt this way too?
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@axlrate7 (1366)
• Philippines
4 Apr 11
I feel terrible today. A lot of pressure is coming to me straightly everyday because I don't have a job. I can't pass a job interview because I can't speak well in English. I pray to GOD about this matter and since now I can't find the answer. Although, I don't lose hope and always waiting for the answer. I will do what GOD wants me to do.
@lynnemg (4539)
• United States
3 Apr 11
I believe that it is important to pray, not only when I am in need of guidance and strength, but also when I feel as if things are going good in my life. It is important to not only ask God for guidance and strength, but to also thank Him for the blessings I have each day. As for talking about those things that bother me, I find it easiest to keep them to myself and pray for guidance to get through them. I do share my thoughts and feelings with my husband, my parents and my best friend,at times, but normally that isn't until I am to a point where I feel that I just really need to talk. I am also looked at as a very strong individual and it is rare that anyone ever sees that I have weaknesses as well. I think that this is largely because I am one that keeps a lot to myself and simply prays for guidance and strength moreso than looking towards others for answers.
• Romania
3 Apr 11
Doing prays and reading from Bible is very good. i do this often and helps me a lot. Do not listen to what people are saying. People are selfish and wants you to go down, to feel miserable. Always think nice thoughts and that only good will come to you and shall it be that way. in this life you only need God. He is the true power and if you believe in Him, He will strengthen you and guide you in your life in such a easy way.