Why aren't we smart?

April 5, 2011 3:45pm CST
Tell me,what is the point of having nuclear plants,when we can have all other sorts of energy with no health cost?Wind,sun,waves etc.But no,we must go and build the killer nuclear plants so many people can die!And put them near the sea,in a place that has many earthquakes.When are we going to act smart for a change?
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@aghiuta (526)
• Canada
6 Apr 11
Let's not forget, the big oil companies that will not allow the development of new energy sources, so they would not loose their profits.Same could be said about the nuclear plants.Before knowing the implications and the dangers,it seamed a great idea.But looking at the future of this planet,is too bad that the people with the money and the power,want only to make more for themselves,and not think about the next generations,
• United States
5 Apr 11
people should be getting smarter and smarter but it appears that humanity is going in the other direction and gettting dumber and dumber. there might be a point where people are nothing more than walking zombies roaming the earth :)