What Do You Think Is the Flaw Of Most PTC that change them to scam site?

April 7, 2011 4:01pm CST
My fellow mylotters, Can we share feedbacks so we will aware not to get scam by those scam ptc sites that always end up wasting our time and money.. from some review from ptc owner in mylot like mr moonchild, usually the problem is lack of advertiser to advertise that finally caused them financial problem.. Means that a good ptc sites has many advertisers, so is the flaw comes from marketing strategy for the advertisement? Advertiser, only intrested to advertise on a site that has many of members rite? From my opinion, A PTC sites like Neobux, once upon a time was famous for many of successful stories from people who are making money from them.. but then, i think eventually they are loosing lots of member and make their advertisers loose confident with them after seeing so many complaints.. and that gonna be a reason they will go down somehow.. Why dont new ptc owner start to make a ptc earning concept like neobux has last time but with a shorter period membership fee to gain trust on investor.. and get more member to attract advertisers..
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