Have you ever purchase Defected perfumes?

April 7, 2011 5:33pm CST
I recently bought Defected Designer perfumes from my friend, it is not bad at all, its a tester that cant be sell at counter or some manufacture defect.. I enjoy it so much because i know the quality is exactly the same or even better because it is tester.. because it is cheaper, i get to buy more and make my collection.. i even get to buy Annick Goutal at good price.. That perfume is so expensive!!! Have u ever purchase this kind of perfumes?
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
27 May 11
Hi. cairalyssa. No. I have never bought a tester perfume before. I have only tested these kinds of perfume out of the store only. I never have been able to take these tester perfumes out of the store at all. I tried some of the perfume on to see how it will smell on me before, I actually bought it though.
• Malaysia
1 Jun 11
and for promotion purpose, those tester actually smell better too..
@milyas32 (28)
8 Apr 11
Hi, you are lucky one in two aspects. 1. you find variety in cheap manner 2. you have chance choose better one and advice your friends better than any one. However please please please be careful because perfumes are made of complex chemical composition. some of those may not fit your skin and behavior an dcause some type of allergy. praying for you to alway smiling and fragrant.
• Malaysia
8 Apr 11
Yeah, that's why u shud never buy imitation fragrance.. It does make your skin itchy wen u spray them on!
• Egypt
7 Apr 11
lot of time but actually werent original ,, but were chinese fakes
• Malaysia
7 Apr 11
no!!! i dont use fake perfume, and i can recognize original perfumes... i am a perfume lover! perfumes like annick goutal, creed, it is not sellable like other designer perfumes.. not so many people knows this high end perfumes because it is expensive unless those who are familiar. China dont imitate this kind of perfumes, because only few people knows about expensive perfumes..