how to gain weight?

April 9, 2011 9:22am CST
hi friends my name is eswar 6 ft hight but my weight is 45kgs i am so weak and i want gain weight any one suggest me how to gain weight in one month help me thank you
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@DanaS2011 (352)
• United States
9 Apr 11
For a month I have been drinking weight mass and it has help me thicken out and put on a few pounds I drink the strawberry mix with ice cream or milk. I have noticed a difference from drinking it twice daily. I order some off GnC online then I went to the store and got a bigger container.
@jwfarrimond (4474)
9 Apr 11
You are seriously underweight that's certain. You should be in the region of 75 - 80 Kgs. You will not be able to reach that weight in a month - that is totally unrealistic. Instead look to it taking 6 months to a year and to do that you well need to eat good quality high protein food and also to take plenty of exercise. Why plenty of exercise? well, because if you don't and you have a high food intake the surplus will be laid down as fat and not muscle and you don't want to end up fat!
@toniganzon (53392)
• Philippines
9 Apr 11
I had the same problem as you before but my. Cousin who happened to be a doctor gave me a really good advice. He told me that everything I do must have a schedule because my metabolism works faster than other people thus I burn fat faster. So he told me that I should eat a lot, sleep a lot and never skip a meal. He told me that the time of eating should be almost the same time everyday. So I ate breakfast at 8 eebry morning, ate healthy snacks by 10am, eat Lucy at exactly 12noon, eat snacks at 4 pm and then dinner at 7. When I have a free time, I take a nap in the afternoon and in the evening I sleep early at 9. With this kind of schedule, although my metabolism was working fast I was helping it slow down or I try to beat it with my food intake and a lot of rest. I have tried drinking milk and supplements for gaining weight but none of those worked for me at all.