Kids should be prohibited from cell phone

United States
April 10, 2011 8:55pm CST
From what I saw on day to day experience, even from my niece and nephew, they asked parents to sign them up for the cell phone service, and they simply addictive to text message and surfing online from their cell phone. I work part - time at restaurant during the weekend, 3 out of 5 families, with their teenagers busy on texting at the table the whole time, or surfing the web. Parents barely talk to the teens, and those teens are too preoccupied on their cell phone. you might have to wait until they finish they texting, so you can take order from them. Would that be weird to you? So, I advice those parents, wait until they can afford their own cell phones, otherwise, do not waste money to sign them up. What do you think?
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@MizzLadyB08 (1175)
• United States
15 Apr 11
I am not trying to sound rude or anything. I feel like this, if the parents wants their child to have a cell phone then it is up to them. My daughter is 10 years old and she is on a plan with me and my mom which have unlimited text. I honestly do not think that is anyones business if parents decide to buy a cell phone for their kids.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
14 Apr 11
hi, i should agree with you,now a days as i observed kids already have there own cellphones,and most people i have seen are those rich families that can afford this gadget,i think that is luxury of there family too and they never think they waste there money.
@registre (110)
• Philippines
13 Apr 11
It is really common in our place for a child to have a mobile phone even the truly young ones. Phones could be that affordable and there is no need here to sign up for a plan or service because it is not that popular here. More than 90% here uses prepaid or what they are calling as pay as you go. The children should really have the control in the usage of their phones so some parents don't give them money for them to have prepaid loads or electronic loads but still the kids are just so addicted to it. I think a phone that could be locked and would only connect you to your family members and a few authorized persons that the parent recognizes would be a good idea.
• Bahrain
11 Apr 11
I think cellphones should be introduce to kids now a days, just for emergency purposes only. Parents should strictly guide their kids in using the gadget, it should be kept by them when not in use. Like what you've said that they are texting at the table, parents should take that phones during those kinds of situation.
@QeeGood (1214)
• Sweden
11 Apr 11
Using a cell phone as using other things should be done with moderation. When someone get addicted, there sure is a problem to work on. I think a perent who get their child a cell phone should teach the child how and when it is a good way to use a cell phone. I go for common sense.
11 Apr 11
Let your kids have some freedom! The Information Age has put undue stress on the youth of America and if they need a way to instantly communicate with their peers, let them have it. It is our job as parents to facilitate the needs of our children. Yes, they are the needs of a different generation than our own, but who says they need to be a carbon-copy of us old fogies?
• United States
11 Apr 11
I have a 7 and 8 year old that have a cell phone. They only have them when they spend the night with friends. It's just a basic plan. No text or internet. It gives us a piece of mind when they are away from us that they can still reach us if needed. Now my wife on the other hand has a phone in her hand all day long. If we go out to dinner and we order our food. She pulls out her phone and starts up facebook, or talks to someone else through the entire dinner while I'm sitting there. That gets so frustrating.
@Pimento (28)
11 Apr 11
I think that kids should have a cell phone for emergencies, but parents need to lock it so that it can only call certain numbers such as 911, police, home, parents cell, and front office of school. There is no need for them to have texting or internet, they can hold out until they are 18 for that and pay for it themselves.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
11 Apr 11
I wish my daughter had never got a cell phone. she has been addicted to it ever since. she even sleeps with it. I think teens should not have a cell phone because once they get one, they forget about everything else.