What is your happiest childhood memory? What makes it so special?

April 11, 2011 9:58pm CST
Mine was playing games with my friends and cousins. Building a play house from our sofa and huge boxes. LOL. Well, those are just precious moments... For me what makes it special is the feeling of joy I had during my childhood. What is your happiest childhood memory?
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• Philippines
13 Apr 11
Going to the beach with my family. That's what we used to do when I was still a kid and even up to now. OR other important events like Christmas and New Year. For me, each time we gather together is already my happiest.
@jasmeena (850)
• Indonesia
12 Apr 11
Waw...childhood is the best moment..I was 80s child, everything was cheap,despite limited facility ( no computer and internet technology), we were so happy. we played outside, did more physical activity, not like today`s kids who tend to get fatter as we now have less open space for kids to play.We study hard but we were not burdened too much. Best music, entertainment, best of everything and so on...
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• Malaysia
12 Apr 11
Mine was playing games we called 'police & thief'..There was 1 moment that I still remember vividly and it never fail to make me laugh when I remember it or told back the story to my sister. Well the story goes like this, me and my sister were playing the 'police & thief' games. I was the police and my sister was the thief, so I need to chase her to win. As I was chasing her, she was running around the living room, then suddenly as she tried to jump across the sofa she tripped and fell flat on the ground. Hahahahhaha... At first I was afraid as she didn't move for 10 sec I guess, I just stand there shocked. But then she finally groaned in pain BUT WITH A SMILE on her face, then I burst out laughing.
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• Philippines
12 Apr 11
For as long as I can remember I think I have 2 of them One happiest memory when I was a kid was when my grandpa bought my first video game console, the Nintendo famicon. I was really addicted to it back then, and that really sparked my interest in video games and computers. Ah second happy memory I had would be when me, my brother, and some 2 cousins joined a cosplay competition. What made us so different was because all 4 of us wore Batman costumes. You know, the normal costume, the dark gray one, the black/yellow one, and a batgirl suit. The costumes where really good, too bad we didn't had the height back then or else we could have easily won..hahaha.. Well, that's probably it.. =)
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
14 Apr 11
I was lucky to have had a really good childhood. For that reason, I actually can't pinpoint one specific memory from my childhood that was my happiest childhood memory. Instead, I would say that most of my favorite childhood memories were all of the times from the time that I was born until my father passed away just before my fifteenth birthday that we were able to spend time together all five of us. Those are memories that I will treasure forever and also things that I am trying to recreate for my own children.
@thanks1961 (7046)
• India
12 Apr 11
When I think about my childhood, I was happy with everything. Even most of the myLot discussion sometime ends up with a minor reference to my childhood life and I am not doing it purposive, but through out the discussion, it come up as a conclusion. I don't know, these days, I am too much thoughtful about my childhood days and feel so energized. In fact, that was a period of mixed feelings of good and bad, but when think all those bad days also, now feel so happy. I had good friends, plays, school mates, and the one whom I like so much and spend 4-5 years with her are really remarkable and true memorable chapters only. Going for the swimming in the river after school hrs. and playing in the water, helping mom at home, sing with father, playing with the pets and birds, and many more... all are really inspiring and tomorrow I am traveling to the village, after 2 years of visit. Only worry is that there is no one around there to meet, because all are got scattered here and there and if I am fortunate, I may able to meet my first and only one gf after 30 years of time!!!