I am in Japan

April 12, 2011 10:16am CST
I arrived here last March 31. People might think that I am stupid for coming here despite the radiation fear. When Japan was hit by a tsunami last month, I decided not to come to Japan anymore. But thanks God, things went a little bit okey and so my family pursued our scheduled vacation trip to Japan. It is good that we are in Fukouka, Japan which is thousand kilometers south of Miyagi prefecture. We are blessed that there are no earthquakes here. But still, I am praying for our safety. I'm enjoying the trip here.
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• Indonesia
10 Nov 12
I hope Japan have back in good situation now. After Fukuoka incident, it make Japan became dangerous country to visit. I will go travel to japan if I have more time from my company. I like to visit shibuya and shinjuku again. That's my favorite place in Tokyo
@natliegleb (5186)
• India
14 Oct 12
its a great moment and you seem to be quite a daredevil running ,hope you are safe now
• Philippines
10 Aug 12
My father went to Japan too after the whole tsunami thing. it was some sort of business trip. But I really envy you! I want to go there too. I heard that there are a lot of nice shops and the food is really exotic. i hope you share your experiences here on mylot.
• Philippines
9 May 11
I also want to go to Japan.
@Hatley (164654)
• Garden Grove, California
13 Apr 11
hi dorisday I was really worried for you with all the aftersocks and the radiation fears. but since you are safely away from that its good that you followed your original plans. I am sure y ou will enjoy seeing the safe parts of Japan. I pray for all who are in Japan and their safety., have a wonderful time and do be careful too. best wishes hugs from hatley.
@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
13 Apr 11
I think people who are not in Japan are the ones who are panicking but people in Japan are not panicking at all. Its amazing how they handle situations like that. But we still cant deny that the outbreak of radiation is still there so while you are staying there in Japan, good luck to you and be safe.
@maximax8 (28247)
• United Kingdom
12 Apr 11
Well done for going ahead with your trip to Japan. I know that you were worried if it was safe for you to still go and it is so that is wonderful. You are one thousand km south of where the danger is in Japan. I hope that one more earthquakes will happen. I hope that you will continue to have a really fantastic time there. Happy times are ahead of you in your destination I think.
@zhouxi (1756)
• China
12 Apr 11
My god ,you are brave enough.take good care of yourself.good luck and back safely.
• Philippines
12 Apr 11
Wow! You are a risk taker! I salute you for being brave enough to pursue your vacation in spite of what happened there last month. Enjoy your trip and make the most of it. Stay safe!