April 14, 2011 1:33am CST
hi. i'm using a d5000 nikon dslr and i had photos already taken using that camera. however i want to do an indoor photo shoot with my friends but i only have the built in flash as my light. can anyone help me manipulate the settings of the nikon d5000 for me to have a good if not a best indoor photos?
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• United States
16 Apr 11
Most, if not all, digital SLRs have a setting to change the ISO of the camera. In low light conditions, you'll need to bump up the ISO. If you're shooting in full auto mode, the camera will do it for you, and it'll probably want to use the built-in flash too. If you use auto and don't want flash, change the automatic setting to Landscape mode. The camera will figure everything out for you and it won't use flash. Check your camera's owner's manual for how to change the settings--each camera is different. The alternative is to bring in more light. Studio strobes, desk lamps, Home Depot work lights--any of these will do the job--just be careful with the desk lamps and work lamps as they can get very hot and potentially start a fire.