low cal food ?

United States
April 16, 2011 3:18pm CST
first of all i don't eat that so called low call food and that's because of one simple question ......... how do u take out cal from something how do you turn a piece of chicken that has protein and every thing into a piece of flavored plastic of course they put a whole lot of chemicals on it in order to take that cal out and you think that its good for your look ha ha well it might keep you from getting that extra pound but you will get a whole lot of other things bad for your health so do you belief in that low cal stuff and whats your opinion on this ?
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@peavey (16640)
• United States
17 Apr 11
I don't eat it either because it's not healthy, it can't be. As you said, they put other stuff in it. Why not stick to real food, anyway? Some foods are naturally low calorie; why not eat them? These companies will do anything to get us to buy their products, I think.
@grobanite (324)
• United States
16 Apr 11
I don't eat "Low Cal" foods either... but not completely for the same reason. You are absolutely right that they can't just take calories out and have it taste the same; they have to replace it with SOMETHING. And that tends to be sodium or sugar. Both very unhealthy in high amounts. All "processed foods" have chemicals in it, but they don't so much add more to replace the calories, they just substitute it with things (salt/sugar) that our taste buds recognize and enjoy. It's incredibly misleading on the industry's part to label foods in such a way that make people thing it's a healthy version, when really it's the opposite! A little fat and calories are OK if you do them right, but too much salt and sugar can be a huge problem for us! Good discussion, killerbullet!