where is the perfect place to discuss problems...

April 17, 2011 8:12am CST
for a group of people, for just two persons, for child and parent, and last but not the least self? what place can you suggest friends?
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@Hatley (164389)
• Garden Grove, California
25 May 11
hi cowboeyofhell why I discuss my problems right here with all my great mylot friends and I have gotten some very good solutions to \by discussing this with a group of unbiased people. I feel like my lot is better than some of the shrinks one sees around. and never costs you a red penny. I have been really helped a lot by my mylot friends better than the few friends I have here at Gold Crest in fact.
• Philippines
12 May 11
Problems can be solved in a calm manner. The most important thing is, you are open to discuss it. Once you have decided to open and discuss it, what you need is a person who will understand you and throw you healthy criticism. Not those who will just embarras you.Perfect Place? well a place that is not crowded, a place that is not noisy, and a place in which smooth interpersonal communication can be observed.