break ke baad!! (after the break)

@ritzz07 (791)
April 17, 2011 7:55pm CST
hi brothers and sisters how a days this u cant think any serial or movie on any channet without break but in working hour if u wanna take break what do you do. i like to drink one cup coffe in my breaks and types of coffee so i enjoy dat and get refreshed. what do you do in your breaks,i know this is not a good topic to discuss however if u can leave your fundas(ideas)for me it would be interesting to read them.
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@mallu30 (463)
• India
20 Apr 11
In the break of a movie or a seril I used to divert to news channels or other channels where a different movie or serial is going on. Mostly I used to see the news channels and diverting to one another.
@lyamsitiy (104)
• Philippines
19 Apr 11
During break i usually take a seat in a very comfortable chair, lean back and close my eyes and just breathe slowly and deeply. And after a minute i eat a slice of cake or any comfort food that is available. After it i feel refreshed already and sometimes talking to person close to you helps to make you feel relax.
@mythociate (16139)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
18 Apr 11
That's why a lot of people have Tivo, I think (not having it myself). I would be against Tivo--if I had to choose to either be for it or against it--because it's one of those technologies that are corrupting people into thinking that their worlds are all about them individually. But no, your world isn't 'all about you,' and my world isn't 'all about me.' Sure, you and me are very-important parts of our world; but thankfully neither of us are the entire world! Being without Tivo is great, because it LETS you miss parts of the movies---parts of the old movies will--that way--be new again when you see them next time!