we need to think on it

@ritzz07 (791)
April 18, 2011 7:46pm CST
there is saying in hindi meaning of it is women cant digest any secret,ok this is for women however there are some men in ma office who are gossip kings. my coleagues,two of them to whom, we named bbc and cnn,are always gossip on the floor,i dont know why they do like this or what they get by this sometimes they do spread rumours too they did the same with me also. i dont know when this quality of women is adopted by men is this a part of darwins theory.
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@msh2207 (51)
21 Jan 12
hi ritzz07 i think you are a wise man so please ignore all these things coz there are somethings which we cannot stop and gossip is one of them....even i do have some people of this type in my office..........
@Micmac (9733)
6 Jan 12
Men and women are prone to gossip. Some of them get a kick out of spreading rumors and hurting people. They are really sickos and don't have anything better to do with their time. They do that for attention. Believe me, I've seen gossipers who only think of speading a false rumor to make it look like they are high and might above everyone else. What a shameful life!!! :(
@lyamsitiy (104)
• Philippines
19 Apr 11
Gossip i think is naturally intriguing, and as human nature people are drawn to it. Even though they are men still its human nature to like this things, but they are a bit unusual since they are both guys but still its not impossible.
@mallu30 (463)
• India
19 Apr 11
A study was conducted in this regard and found that men spend an average 76 miute a day gossipping with friends or colleagues compared to just 52 minutes for men. Therefore therefore both gossip according to their comfort.
• Canada
19 Apr 11
"... this quality of women..."?? Gossip, lies, rumors, talking behind others backs, is not a gender issue -- it's more like human nature. I've known plenty of men that do those things. I've been in relationships with men that do those things. People love to feel that they know something that no one else knows... and many of them can't wait to spread that information around. Others use it as a form of revenge or retaliation - and that is not limited to one gender either.