a restaurant incident...

April 25, 2011 6:37am CST
I was dining in a fast food restaurant and minding my business as well as my hungry stomach when a incident involving a woman disturbed my meal. Apparently, the woman went to get something from a dispenser and left her bag in her chair. Upon returning, she found her bag missing from the chair and started to make a scene. She attracted the whole restaurant's attention due to the lost of her bag and her demands that the restaurant produce the bag. I pitied the manger who looked like he was ready to pull his short hair in trying to calm the lady. All of the diners were asked if we saw something and unfortunately , nobody was able to help. I was even detained by the staff after finishing my food in order not to arouse suspicion from the lady. It pissed me since I had nothing to do with the bag's disappearance (I didn't bring anything with me)even though I tried to sympathize with her loss. I finally got out after a peace offering from the restaurant . else, I would have caused a scene too. What would you do if were in that kind of situation?
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• Indonesia
26 Apr 11
She can't blame the fast food restaurant for the incident. Everyone can walk in without reservation and can walk out without notice in there, so we're the one who's responsible taking care of our own belongings.
@ivane07 (76)
• Philippines
26 Apr 11
In the first place, the lady should be accountable with her things in order to avoid such scene. I think the management have done the right thing to search the whole area and to detain the diners so that suspicions will be ruled out. However, if the lady would continue to make a scene and other people are being involved without enough basis, it would be proper to report this to the higher authority such as the police.
@keshia2007r (2886)
• United States
26 Apr 11
I'm just really interested in how the story ends. Did she find the bag? Did she ever take the back in the fast food restaurant? If i was in this situation, I would for sure make a scene as well. Call the police and guard the doors. I do think this is what the managers should have done, weather the guest liked it or not. First, how can somebody just knowingly leave their valuable items just laying around even just disappearing for a few minutes? I never understand that. How can a restaurant full of people have not seen a thing? Third, how can somebody be so brave enough and stupid enough to actually steal something at the risk of being caught? This is to bad to hear, hopefully she finds her bag or finds justice.
@ShepherdSpy (8562)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
25 Apr 11
My first thought was that maybe She had forgotten to bring Her Bag,maybe having left it in the car before coming in,but when You mention it was a fast food place that would probably take payment at the time you make your order,it would tend to rule that one out.. Which leaves the option that it had been taken by some person who was able to approach the bag having quickly noticed the Woman had left it behind,take it without drawing attention to themselves,and leave the scene before the Woman returned.. It takes big brass ones to be able to pull something like that. I don't believe Legally the establishment has any right to search or detain other patrons when something like this happens- I read an article recently about an Ipad owner who'd been browsing in an electronics place and was being asked to prove on leaving that the Ipad He had with him hadn't been taken from the shop Stock! He refused to co-operate with the security staff and waited til the Police arrived before clearing himself..It would be a good idea to be aware of your rights in that situation!
@naija4real (1293)
25 Apr 11
If I found myself in that unfortunate situation. I would just tell the restaurant manager and the woman to conduct a search on all the persons that is present there. If they do not find anything with me the story ends there. I will just leave the environment. I will not exchange words with the woman or the hotel worker since they do not accuse me of stealing.
@tammy27 (1247)
• Philippines
25 Apr 11
i'd do everything to please that lady... if she (or the restaurant) thinks im the one who took the bag, then let's go to the police directly. just to prove that i dont have her bag, and in the end i'll go home peacefully while she's still wasting her time for that bag of hers. in the first pace it's her fault anyway, doesn't she know what "dont leave your things unattended" mean?