Game of Thrones

@Bionicman (3967)
Czech Republic
April 25, 2011 6:01pm CST
Anyone watching it? It's HBO series based on "A Song of Ice and Fire" fantasy novels (which I haven't read). I've seen only the first episode so far and it looks very promising. It surprised me with some totally unexpected moments and I don't even know what it's gonna be about. I'm going to watch the second episode now.
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@thezone (9451)
• Ireland
26 Apr 11
Hi Buddy, glad to see you back. Seen the comment on the Buried post I have not heard of this one but it does look good. Most HBO series are always usually quality stuff. I am not a big fan of fantasy novels but love to watch anything fantasy related. I will have a watch of the first two episode tomorrow and get back to ya. Thanks for the recommendation.
@Bionicman (3967)
• Czech Republic
26 Apr 11
Just saw the second episode and I liked it even better than the first. btw the series has 9.5 rating on imdb.
• Israel
20 Jun 11
How many chapters are there?
@bhonti (1247)
• Philippines
28 Jun 11
Yes i have watched Game of Thrones and I totally loved it!!! I love each character specially Dany's. I love her love story with Drago and I felt sad for their tragic story. I just watched the season finale and I can't wait for the second season. Too bad I heard it will be aired in 2012. I guess we have to wait for that long. :(
@Bionicman (3967)
• Czech Republic
30 Jun 11
2012? Who's gonna wait for that? I want it now. I guess I'll read the books in the meantime.