the canonization of karol

April 27, 2011 2:50am CST
The late Pope John Paul II is up for canonization. News programs have been humming and buzzing about that particular development in story about the 'people's pope'. Like many of my generation, I more acquainted with John Paul II in his last years and months of his life. When I was younger and had more inclination to attend mass, I only hear him in Sunday Mass when his name is uttered as part of the ceremony and nothing more. He wasn't exactly an 'exciting' figure to know or talk about. The pope is not a person who should be subjected to gossip, after all. But when his condition grew worse and his remaining days grew near, people like me became sudden interested and became immersed in this person's life. And even though he a particular strange person, he was charming and I was captivated by his life. I remember what I was doing in his last days - I was awake in the middle of the night, tuning in CNN for any news. I watched people in vigil and chanting countless prayers or lightning candles. I also watched his beautiful and widely-attended funereal which cause something gut-wrenching inside me. I don't know what that was, and perhaps I don't want to know. Now, he's being elevated into sainthood. In my opinion, he deserved that honor for all that he did to his flock as well as to the other flocks. I hope God sends another Karol in this world becuase we badly need one. One for each country could really make a difference. Any stories or comments regarding this topic will be appreciated.
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@zenki08 (700)
• Philippines
29 Apr 11
I remember back in 1995 when he was her for the wold youth day celebration. Whenever I see his face on TV and in print I feel someone touching me. It is like I cannot do anything bad because of this man. He has a good effect on people.
@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
28 Apr 11
I also support Pope John Paul II's canonization. I wasn't there when he visited the Philippines but I saw him on TV and it was a very uplifting sight. I also agree that he deserves being canonized and I pretty sure he's with our Father up high now.
@mhaibless (210)
• United States
28 Apr 11
Pope John Paul II is the most popular Pope ever. It feels so good that he is now called to be a Blessed Pope. He touch so many lives and no matter what the issue is he always have faith and encourage the people to pray more. He is truly an inspiration to each and every one. I am proud to be Catholic.
@rokudaime (339)
• Australia
28 Apr 11
It is indeed the a great joy for every faithful Catholics to see our Pope being elevated to Blessed hood and later on for Sainthood. He was the champion of our faith, champion Marian devotee and champion Divine Mercy devotee. He is indeed a great blessing to all Catholics. A reformist that shaped the Catholic faith putting it into a new pedestal. He was the greatest Pope of our modern time. The epitome of God's peace and love to mankind radiated to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. We thank God for giving us someone like him in our modern time. We thank Him for the life and virtues of Pope John Paul the great. God bless all of us! ^_^ MABUHAY!