How many room themes has your child gone through?

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April 28, 2011 9:49am CST
In our old house of 5 years, my son had three different themes, all my choice. My daughter had two different themes. My son had a jungle, sailboat and cowboy. Daughter fairys and owls. Now we have moved to a new state for new home port and my son has wanted a Star Wars room. Were living in base housing so I dont want to paint. I have decorated his room and we just need to get him his new bed, moving out of a toddler bed, and new bedding. My daughter doset have much of a theme. I wouldnt mind doing one, but shes 8 and seems to just kind of want to mix things. Its hard for me because I like to do a theme. Im happy with my sons room so far, whish I cld do more, but we will do what were allowed to do. Do your kids seems to grow out of their room a lot? Do you get bored with it? Do you even do a theme?
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11 May 11
Oh my goodness. My son is 2 1/2 and has had 3 themes already. First twas his Baby Sports theme. Then we did Thomas the Train. We even got him the Choo choo train Thomas Toddler bed. Now he is back to sort of a Sports theme, but more directed toward football. So at least we were able to use some of his old stuff. I think that every time he seems to be REALLY into something, I change it for him. I am totally surprised that he doesn't have a Toy Story Room right now becuase he LOVES Buzz and Woody. I think it's perfectly fine for us to change their room up when they want it changed or if we feel like they are ready for a change. These are the little things they'll remember. At least I hope so. So I take lots of pictures right now! Yes, we could go with practical, economical bedrooms. But where's the fun in that!? :-)
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28 Apr 11
I do not do room themes as when the kids are young I find it to be a waste of money. They change their likes so often that I do not want to spend the cash to change everything over and over again. Also for us my 3 oldest girls share a room so to chose one theme would be to chose one's choice over the others and that never works well.