Work of Art

April 29, 2011 7:12am CST
Friends. I have a chatmate who paints and scuplts. I still dont understand what makes art a "work or art." I dont quite understand paintings or sculptures. It is not that i dont appreciate them but it is just that i dont really understand all the curves, the colors, the cuts... and everything else; especially if it is abstract! Can you help me?
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@CarlHalling (3629)
• United Kingdom
5 May 11
I have to confess I love the classics, the great painters from past history. As to abstract art, I can only say it's down to personal taste, because its appeal tends to be less tangible than classic art. There is something compelling about Jackson Pollock's work; and yet it's hard to say precisely what. Same goes for music...I like a lot of Stockhausen's music; yet others would classify it as mere noise. Yet, there's a brilliant mind underlying it. It's been said that the most popular avant garde piece in history is the Beatles' "Revolution 9"; but it leaves me unimpressed: there's a lack of structure in my view. My point is: not all abstract art works. Some simply does. But it's hard to say why.
• India
4 May 11
Grace beta My knowledge in this field is very poor too, in an art exhibition a painting won first prize of several thousand rupees, the artist was so excited, later he said, it was NOT any art work at all He used to rub fingers on a canvas to wipe the colors, the judges thought it was some great MODERN ART And declared it as the best!! Thanks for sharing Enjoy life to fullest. Cheers. BE HAPPY ALWAYS. Professor ‘*^Bhuwan^*’. .
• Philippines
29 Apr 11
Hi graceekwenx... Sometimes, in trying to understand art in all its technicalities will distract us from enjoying art. It is enough that we experience art and feel its full impact, whhatever it is. And this includes abstract art. Have a nice day.
@Judewang (93)
• Malaysia
29 Apr 11
I don't know much about abstract art because I do relief carving as a hobby. But I think abstract art is not something that one tries to reproduce from what one sees "outside" (eg. drawing a portrait, scenery etc) but it is something that's drawn from inside the mind - where the artist attempts to give a vivid image to an idea he has in mind. That's why it is difficult to interpret abstract art because it's interpretation is very personal, unlike something that we can commonly identify visually.