Humans, including kingdom Animalia, meaning that humans are animals?

@gengeni (3308)
April 30, 2011 1:33am CST
To be honest I feel uncomfortable in human classification system that aligned with many animals (kingdom Animalia), including humans also must align with the ape primate (homonoid) such as gorillas and orang-utans. Sure maybe exactly that of the animal handling system based on body work, frame, etc., but why not classified as a different self? After all man is not the right animal? Who would make the classification of a distinguished man, Darwin? Do you agree that we are the Animals?
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@bw0235 (53)
21 Jul 11
I love that we are animals, because that is what we are, you look at human behaviour and tell me that it is not innately animal-like. If we are not animals, then what are we? We are merely animals who have evolved to give certain responses to certain things and therefore we change our world to suit our own needs. Such is our nature :)
• Indonesia
25 Jun 11
For me 'The Truth' has never changed.Is the beginning and the end of all time. Only the 'information' about 'Truth' is up to we who have changed.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
15 May 11
hi, i think because human came from the ape so that human includes to kingdom of Animalia,but it doesn't mean that we are animal.maybe the classification only.
@lady1993 (21056)
• Philippines
30 Apr 11
I was quite shocked when I learned about that in Elementary too. But it is understandable- we are animals, just called humans- since we are really alike with monkeys, especially the chimpanzees.. We are the smartest of all the animals though..
• Thailand
30 Apr 11
If we are not animals what are we? It is important to recognize where we fit in the world. We share a genetic kinship with all living things on this planet. If we realise that we might start to treat the world with a little more care and respect.