Does anyone know the rules for billiards?

April 30, 2011 8:29am CST
A long time I have not played billiards and do not remember the rules.Can anyone tell me them. Thanks a lot.
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30 Apr 11
Oh my, that's a good question. It's been ages for me, too. The rules are available on Wikipedia: Bear in mind that's English Billiards and not pub billiards, American pool-style billiards or any other kind of game. Scoring is really easy - hit other white and red with your white (cannon), 2 pts pot other white, 2 pts pot red, 2 pts in off other white, 2 pts in off red, 3 pts After respotting, you have to head down the table (i.e. hit a cushion before returning to baulk). And that's pretty much it!
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30 Apr 11
Thanks for the information.It is quite detailed.Now I remembered some things.Many thanks.