What is the purpose of the mind?

@mallu30 (463)
May 1, 2011 7:02am CST
The mind is meant to absorb information, transform it into knowledge and lead it into action. Action and speech dtermine the quality of our life and these come from the mind itself. The mind must be soft so that a soft mind easily absorbs information and allows free flow of knowledge into action.
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@megamatt (14326)
• United States
2 May 11
The purpose of the mind is to really make some sense of everything that really does happen around us. Even when it does not make any sense. It is really intriguing when you think about it. The mind is really a grand, grand thing to think about it. The mind is to reconcile everything, the weird, the wacky, the strange, and the serious that happens all around us. It is a tool to try and figure out what is really happening. The mind is a tool that makes sense of the world. We're going to figure out what is going to happen, thinking and planning. The human mind is really just about reconciling a lot of the most insane and the most horrific situations in the world. Therefore, it really does have a multitude of purposes when it is all broken down. There is a vague general answer, that can go in many ways, but no real answers. That is what the human mind truly is.
@dmar24 (60)
• Philippines
1 May 11
The mind. The mind is the only one which can make the right decisions but undeniably the heart decides for your happiness. That's the purpose for me =)
1 May 11
My mind's like a big plate of spaghetti most days: warm, squishy and stuff going all over the place. It's not just an information processor, as people have said, or there'd be no personality or soul involved: everything would be pure logic.
@tiina05 (2319)
• Philippines
1 May 11
hello, I think you already said what is mind and what is it purposes. I truly agree with you. Mind is the one that performs an action etc.
@urbandekay (18312)
1 May 11
I think it is a mistake to view the mind as primarily, an information processor all the best urban