How can you take an illiterate person seriously ?

May 1, 2011 12:54pm CST
Illiterate person given option to vote not thinking about future can be taken as hostage in short-term thinking for idea witch he votes for. So should it be like that? Any other examples of illitirate thinking and validnes?
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2 May 11
I don't know if I am understanding your question. Are you asking if illiterate people should be allowed to vote because they can just be told something and take it at face value without reading about it first? Like they would be taken advantage of?
@jyaegel (161)
• United States
1 May 11
I am dumb founded about this. Army leaders that can't read in today's army? I know in order to even get into the military now a days you have to take the ASVAB test. then even to go in as an officer you are required to go to college. So how can leaders in the United States military get in with out being able to read. Part of being an E-5 or higher are reviews. Before someone goes saying the military leaders can't read show the proof first.