New to MyLot, any suggestions on earnings?

United States
May 1, 2011 3:46pm CST
Hi, I'm new here. I didn't join just for the earnings, but the people on this site seem really nice and eager to help. I've already participated in several discussions, but I just want to ask, how much earnings do we make? Can I count on at least 35-40 cents a day? I'm an internet junkie so I'm always participating in forums and of course, now on this site.
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@owlwings (40010)
• Cambridge, England
1 May 11
You can't 'count on' anything, really (except that MyLot DO pay!). It is entirely up to you - how many responses or comments you make, whether they are of good quality and so on. Many people do achieve the minimum payout of $10 a month (which, presumably, means an average of about $0.30 or more a day). Reading the FAQs on 'Earnings' will help you understand how it works (and will answer many other questions newcomers have) and, of course, understanding the Guidelines will help you avoid having posts deleted (whether they are your discussions or just ones you've contributed to).
@mysdianait (64180)
• Italy
1 May 11
It's worth adding that if you concentrate more on having FUN rather thn on earning, by some sort of magic your earnings will take care of themselves