Bin Laden's Dead

@jamuls (530)
May 2, 2011 2:03am CST
apparently, that's what the news says. President Obama annouced that the guy who's responsible for the 911 assault was killed, shot in the head by a team of Navy SEALS who tracked down his whereabouts. i guess the dude deserved it... what i'm worried about is that my girlfriend just enlisted in the navy and they're worried that some retaliation might occur. i have some doubts about this though, just like Saddam, the guy's got plenty of "clones" for lack of better words to say... i do hope that this is true... as what President Obama said, "Justice has been done." is this enough for the families who suffered and mourned for their loved ones who perished in that 911 attack?
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@Mickie30 (2633)
2 May 11
I didn't think there was any proof that it was Saddam who caused the 911 attacks. I hardly believe it was him either. There was too much controversy surrounding the case. It is probably just the news trying to cover something else up. There is so much that is hidden from people that you cannot believe anything the news tells you anymore. Have a look on YouTube at the 9/11 videos. It wasn't airplanes that made the buildings fall, but bombs. It was a targeted demolition. Unfortunately nothing will ever be enough for the families who suffered and mourned for their loved ones who perished in that 911 attack. Justice will never be done, at least, not in this life.
@jamuls (530)
• Philippines
3 May 11
haven't watched the news since yesterday morning but a friend told me that they showed the body. it's got burns and swollen body part. i dunno who did the defiling but i guess it's understandable... if it really was bin laden... u do mean bin laden and not Saddam, right?
@carmelanirel (20979)
• United States
2 May 11
I saw that when I opened my browser, but I thought it was some kind of made up story to appease the people, so I didn't open the article...Wow, so they really got him? I will have to go back and read about it..
@skr3wed (147)
• Vietnam
2 May 11
Well, retaliation is coming, thats for sure. I read a couple days ago that a couple Al-qaeda people were arrested in germany. Got a feeling that this could be bad assuming that the retaliation is gonna be pretty damn hard if they're going to do one. Well lets hope this is the end to the US foreign policy in other middle east countries, maybe if neccessary remove his counter part, but don't declare annother war. No one will like that