@gengeni (3308)
May 3, 2011 10:09pm CST
Believe it or not, in the middle ages cats are considered associated with witches and often killed? In medieval times, cats are considered associated with witches and are often killed by fire and thrown from a high place. Some historians believe that the epidemic of Black Death or bubonic plague spread quickly in Europe during the 14th century was due to superstition. This is because the number of murders committed cat thereby increasing the population of mice that carry the bubonic plague?
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• Indonesia
25 Jun 11
I hate the woman's attitude is if he wants to buy something
• Canada
12 May 11
i love my black cat. hes a little crazy at times tho..he definately is a great familiar lol.
@flapiz (7230)
• Australia
12 May 11
Well the cats certainly have a poor fate eh. Lucky for them in the modern times they are now upgraded as house pets. I love my kitty. Nothing scary about her at all. :)
• Philippines
4 May 11
Hmm. Interesting, now I know why is there something creepy that lingers in my mind whenever I see a cat, well I am not afraid of them. I just don't want to look in their eyes
@Galena (9123)
4 May 11
mice didn't carry the plague. it was fleas. which the cats may well have been carrying too. not certain on that one, as some fleas are very species specific, but cats have fleas too.