Earnings with blogging

May 4, 2011 4:34am CST
Hi all, wanted to know do anyone have experience with blogging and how much time does it take a day and how much do you can earn a month? I wanted to know because Iam preparing a blog and wanted to know if its proffitable or not. Hope any bloggers could help.
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• India
4 May 11
@SpikeTheLobster , gave a perfect comment on your discussion. Earning from the internet is not that much easy. Realize this fact and start your work with confidence.To start with a blog is very easy. You can make your blog within few minutes using blogger or wordpress or many other hosting sites. But thousands of visitors come and read your blog. How they will come? You should work for that.You should have the capability of creating worthy content. If your content is good enough, no dought, visitors will come and read the content.That is what you have to do.Getting revenue would be a secondary matter and it will come automatically.While writing content on your blog, try to read others' blogs and make comments over there.That will help you learn a lot more things.All the best.
• Netherlands
5 May 11
Hi Jose, thanks for your comment I will be working on my visitors.
@raydene (9874)
• United States
4 May 11
Hi It takes very little time to blog. The setting up does take some time and energy. I am looking for a new blog host. Good luck Hon oxxoxo