Life is unfair.

May 4, 2011 4:01pm CST
My day is aproaching its end. Today was an exausting day. And why you ask me? That's what I am going to explain in this discussion. It's a little big and non-interesting so if you want to hear only the conclusion of it go the final of the discussion. If you're interested, read my story. So this is what happened, today, at 8pm I went to the dentist because my teeth are getting crooked again. I used braces for 2 years and removed it 1 year ago. Once I removed it I had to wear a contention full time for 6 months then only at night for 2 years. So in the first like 3 or 4 months I used it as the dentist told me too but then I got lazy and stopped using it. Because it was such a pain to wear that thing all the time. So I haven't been using it for like 8 months. The other day my brother looked at my teeth and said that they we're crooked. So I went to check in the mirror and went for a close look on them and I noticed that they we're really getting crooked. Then asked my mom and she confirmed it. So that's the reason why I went to the dentist today. So after going to the dentist, as soon as I got close to the dentist she told me to show my teeth. So I showed her my teeth and I soon as I looked at the expression on her face I could tell that I was screwed. I instantly knew that I was going to have to wear braces again. She wasn't very cheerful with me. I told her the truth, that I got bored of using it and obviosly she told me that I shouldn't have been because now I am going to have to use that stupid thing again. So I had to call my mom to say the bad news. I knew that she wasn't going to be very happy with it. As soon as I told her the bad news she start screaming and got angry at me, a lot. When I told her that she was going to have to pay the braces again she really revolted. With her angry voice she told me to come home and we would discuss this at home. So I went home. As soon as I stepped in, a discussion started. And I was totally expecting it. We had the same discussion we had on the phone with the only difference that my dad was there. He started talking the same thing that he always says which is that I only make him spend money and in spite of being in school I should be working to support the house. Always the same gibberish. My dad is a house-builder. Last year I quit to school to go to work as a knave to him. I worked 6 months for him. And in spite of that he didn't even thanked me for the work I did with him. He said that I shouldn't have spent the money in useless things and should have helped to pay the food and house stuff. But was I going to work for my father to give money to my father? This may be stupid to you guys but I don't agree with it. At least at the time I didn't. But yeah, later in the discussion my mom made me take a choice. Either I would choose the braces or the driving license that was going to be my 18 years old birthday gift. So I sacrificed the driving license for the braces. Because I honestly don't care about the driving license. My appearence is more important than a driving license. I always go by foot or bike to everywhere and I dont argue with it. I always go to school by foot and my school is 4km (2,5 miles) away from my house. Okay I am being way too much specific so I am going to conclude this. So what did I learn from what happened today? Firstly, that live is unfair. Because my old brother gives much more debts to my parents and they don't argue with them. My mom almost wanted to hit me today... injustice sucks. And secondly, that I should think twice before doing something. Because of my past actions, I sacrificed my driving's license, I have to wear braces again and discussed with my parents, which I don't like to do at all. So from now on, because of today's day, I am going to make my best to help my parents. I am going to try to help my mom more here at home and if possible, going to work in a part-time job. And also I'm gonna to try to cause less debts to them. This discussion isn't really anything to argue, I am just piss*d off and angry and I decided to write to see if I felt better. I had no other place to write, so I wrote here on mylot. So if you want to commment, it's of your free will. I won't ask for your opinion about my little story but I'll ask if you think that life is unfair too. And if you had any similar storys. Or stupid brothers. All of your comments are appreciated as long as they stick to the topic and aren't flaming/spamming. Very much aprecciated.
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5 May 11
I'm the youngest in my family but my life is hard, I am currently jobless and am failing out of school, it sucks. Nothing in life is really worth it anymore.
5 May 11
I'm the youngest in my family, so I didn't have to deal with a lot of this: by the time I was old enough to get a part-time job, the standards were already in place (thanks to my older brothers). My opinion? It would be worth discussing (not arguing about) how much your parents think is a reasonable amount of "keep" (that's what we call a rent and food contribution in England). It can be a fixed amount or a percentage of your income: when I was young it was £25 a week (yeah, I'm old). If you can agree on a figure that satisfies your parents, everyone will be happier. You can even give your mum a hand at home or help your dad out in his business from time to time as a gesture of good will. It might not be possible, of course, but if you can come to an agreement they'll see you're behaving like an adult and that you respect their point of view. And hopefully they'll stop stressing you out! And yes, life is unfair. It always has been. Hope for the best and plan for the worst, I say! Good luck!