I'm not an introvert, snobbish maybe

May 10, 2011 5:30am CST
I am friendly, outgoing, and crazy, but I am not the type who initiates a conversation with people who I just met. So here is my problem: I am having a hard time connecting and engaging with the people in a school organization, where I am just a new member. Most of the members have noticed that I don't mingle with them, but what can I do? I really don't get comfortable with some people that easy. That really bothered me, since I would be working with them for a whole year. Well, I know that I'd eventually be friends with them, so I am not hastening things up. I just let time and fate do the thing for me. I mean, I'll be friends with those whom I am fated to be friends with. So what should I do? Should I talk to them and laugh with them as soon as I see them or what?
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@in212857 (67)
• India
10 May 11
never mind it is not a problem , it is just a knd of behavior which many ppl shows mixing with everyone is not your cup of tea it is as simple as that everyone cant welcome strangers at the very first go some people take more time than others to mix or adjust just be cool and enjoy and speak to the one you really like to speak
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10 May 11
A friendly smile and a "Hello" makes a huge difference. You don't have to make a huge effort to make friends if you don't want to, but at least be friendly and polite at a distance. And if they want to talk, let them: you don't have to say much and, to be honest, most people just want to talk about themselves anyway.
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• United States
11 May 11
You would be amazed with how a simple smile, hello and how are you can begin a quick or nice discussion. I would say start with that and see if it furthers from there. You may find some who are apprehensive and others who will be willing to do the same from time to time.